it’s been a long time…..

The last year and a half has been rather busy. In January 2013 I left the beautiful city of Bath and moved back to my hometown Leigh-on-sea. I began my marketing career in London which then meant I had to buy a fabulous new wardrobe. So what exactly has happened in-between November 2012 and June 2014?

I got a job in the City and met the lovely Irina who I am now great friends with


My big brother got married to beautiful Charlie in our childhood placesamandcharlie

One of my best buds from university got married to the love of her life in my favourite city, Bath.


I went on one of the funniest holidays with my university friends to Devon. These girls know how to have a good time. Every summer we all meet up somewhere in the UK; it usually involves playing dares, lighting fires, swimming naked, eating ice cream and lots of singing.


I started a new job near the Barbican Centre for an international property marketing company


My sister Rachel married JK in a glamorous themed vintage wedding


I had an awesome Autumn weekend in Amsterdam

1421111_10152063825988274_329407206_oI had 4 inches chopped off my hair – it’s so much healthier now!


On a reflective note my nanna passed away at the beginning of this year. January was an incredibly sad month in our family. It was amazing talking to relatives and friends at the funeral about Nanna – so many memories


Sisters In Vintage has been born (but more of that later)

Sevin-Doering-pattern-puzzlesFor the past few months I’ve had the idea of going to India and one morning on our way to church my childhood best friend told me she would like to go with me. So that’s what we’re doing – travelling around INDIA (blog soon to follow)


For now though, I’ve missed blogging about fashion. Since my last post I’ve acquired many new items of wonderful clothing – most are from the Smart Works Designer Sale. I have volunteered at the last three sales, got to meet some really nice people and come away with bags upon bags of new clothes. I’ll have to dedicate a post to it because there are just so many fabulous items I need to share!




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