The Vintage Garden Party

Saturday 12th May 2012

A day for friends, family and all things vintage. On Saturday 12th May my sister Rachel hosted a vintage fair in her garden. The marquee was overflowing with tea cups, cake stands, old radios, wicker baskets and a treasure chest full of stripes and floral clothing. People nestled into sunny spots in the garden enjoying home made cake and tea served in delicate patterned china. Mother, Rachel and I displayed our finds on traditional tablecloths and hung our vintage clothes around the marquee. I come from a family of vintiquers who just love to find a treasure amongst a pile of junk. We know how to spot a bargain, my coral tea-set only £2 and Mother’s expansive cutlery collection dating back to my great-grandpa’s time (1900).

The event was a great success, so much so, we are going to hold a pop up shop later in the summer for everyone else in Leigh-on-sea (and beyond) to come and share our passion for all things vintage.

Rachel’s collection of ‘things’, all of which were sold!

I baked my favourite carrot cake, mother a Victoria sandwich, chocolate and beetroot cake and dozens of scones. Rachel made banana and chocolate cake. Strangely there was a parsnip and honey cake made by Rachel and JK and it was delicious! Apparently our cakes are very healthy, what with all the fruit and veg in them.

So long lovely dresses…

My mother looking absolutely fabulous in union flag patterned tights!

Sister inlaw Charlie looking at the collection of 1920’s blouses.

Mother and Rachel finishing off the last touches.

My growing collection of handmirrors.


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