Boot Sale Love

Sunday 8th January – A new year, a new start.

This year I want to save money, so at the weekend I asked my sister if she would like to accompany me to the local car boot sale. I put in my purse an emergency £20 note (incase I find something I can’t live without…) We drove down in Porsha (Rachel’s retro car) and joined the crowds of people shivering amongst the toot and antiques.

The morning’s spend up went like this:

Rachel: Ooh nice hat (picking up a very furry fox fur hat) Try it on!

Hannah: How does it look? (Trying to see above my eyelashes)

Rachel: Great, very vintage (shaping it on my head)

Hannah: Sold! (Big smile)

First purchase – £10. I also brought 5 hand-mirrors with matching brushes for £7…because  I’m a collector now don’t you know. A box of knives, my first compared to mother’s fifty. A teapot for 50p and my a miniature tea set for £2.

My favourite buy: 

We were home by 10.30am and ready for our Jim’s Joints bacon sandwich (thanks dad).



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