The Royal Wedding

 On 29th April 2011 Britain was able to share in a momentous historic occasion, watched by nearly two billion people worldwide. In honour of Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding, over one million people congregated in London to watch. People indulged on Britain’s sense of nationalism with millions of union flags, bunting, paper plates and cups bearing the future king and queen’s faces selling out across the country.

My sister and I decided only a couple of days before that we wanted to celebrate in style. So at 11pm on 28th April, mum, my sister and I got cracking on our outfits. Think 1950’s instead of Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell. We wanted style and class. Mum’s Singer sewing machine was awake with us as was my little cat who looked confused as to why we were up so late. We were up until 5 in the morning and the result? Well take a look at the photos…..

When my sister and I finally made our way to London we were surprised as to how many people were there. And seriously, the atmosphere was amazing. It was like London was glowing with happiness. It seemed as if everyone were friends. I don’t know how many people took our photos; we were practically bombarded in Hyde Park and even had a queue of people waiting to have their picture taken with us. I would like to know where our pictures are around the world: China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany and France are just a few I remember.

We arrived back at home at nine o’clock that night. Was I tired? No way, I was running on a complete high from the excitement of the day. I say bring on the next year for the Queens Jubilee.


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