History of our Beloved Brownie

Born in America, brownies were originally created at the end of the nineteenth century. There are many tales to how the brownie came about. Some say chocolate was accidently melted in a batch of cookies and another says a housewife forgot to add baking powder to her chocolate cake. Over the years the brownie has been developed into various recipes. The first recipe appeared in 1906 by one of America’s most famous cookbook authors, Fannie Merritt Farmer and evolved over the years by adding more chocolate, to make a more fudge like texture.

A favourite is the chocolate fudge brownie with walnuts. I am however going to try to bake a sibling of the brownie family, and that is a Blondie. I’ve looked through various cookbooks, some using brown sugar and one with no chocolate at all! I can’t be that mean, so I will be using a recipe I found in the Sainsbury’s Magazine November issue. This includes much to my delight white chocolate and bananas. Keep posted to find out how it goes…..


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